About Us



Batloo Tour & Travel is a specialist travel agency catering to travelers who want an original, authentic and unforgettable experience in India. Batloo Tour & Travel is established with the vision of achieving a goal in providing our valued customers a sincere service to fulfill their expectations and to carry back home enormous memories from this vibrant country, India; the land of pulsating cultures, colorful scenery and unrivalled beauty. These attributes make it a primary destination for the discerning, responsible traveler looking to attain an unforgettable holiday. We pride ourselves as the nation of smiling, welcoming people and look forward to welcoming you to visit this land of charming people and to experience this first-hand. Our company provides you with the best and complete travelling facilities on during your stay in Jammu and Kashmir to the end of your trip. The company has a great reputation in the travel industry. The expert team of concierges and travel assistants at Batloo Tour & Travel has made strenuous efforts to make it possible for international travelers to know, plan, organize and book all activities they wish to do in Jammu Kashmir, all from their homes.

We are the top ranked travel organization in Kashmir giving a 'best as far as class can tell with the objective to be the best tour and travels package planner for Kashmir'. Through our site, www.batlootravel.com, you can book the best tour packages to kashmir with your family and friends. We plan your trip in such a way that you feel to be at home, all you need to do is to book a package and we plan the whole trip for you with the best hotel to stay in and best cab facilites.

Since our origin in 2022, we have served and provided the best tour package to our clients through out the country and globe too.

Our Mission

We are a team that creates unique and socially responsible travel experiences, providing services beyond expectations.

Our Vision

To strengthen our position as the leading tourism company providing quality, creative, innovative, competitive and socially responsible services in the region.

Our Values

We distinguish ourselves through our strong commitment to improve and to inspire. We are prompt, proactive, careful and impassionate in complying with our tasks. We are reliable and trustworthy in all our relationships. We encourage harmony and warmth between persons, considering human diversity. We commit to fulfil the needs of the persons, the interested parties and the environment through our work, maximizing the company’s resources.